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Welcome to Our Philippines!

Traveling throughout the Philippines is a wonderful experience of sights, sounds and tastes. That's why travelers like you need the best information that can help you make the most out of your trip. Another plus would be to find out about undiscovered attractions which are equally attractive as the more famous sites. And most of all, wouldn't you like to have a travel partner that is both affordable and knowledgeable?

That is why we proudly came out with the Backpacker Planet Travel Companion website. It is highly informative, and most of all features ALL regions of Northern Luzon; identifies natural, cultural and historical attractions; and lists down more resorts, hotels and accommodations along with locations, contact numbers and descriptions.

Be a traveler not a tourist.

Our Mission

Everyone has a gift of choice and should they chose, every individual, no matter what their age, can create change and in so doing, can make a difference for all life. It is the most important lesson to learn and the most important lesson to teach. And as travelers - the stewards of our land - we have the responsibility to ensure a sustainable future - economically, socially, and environmentally - not only for our adult life, but also for generations to come.

For more than eight years, this was the idea behind the all "youth-at-heart" Backpacker Planet. The goal was and remains to this day twofold - to promote the best travel sites of the Philippines along with the environment (ecology) it spans and to serve the indigenous and needy youth to prepare them for a better future (50% of funds earned through tours are given to charity).

Today, Backpacker Planet hopes to strengthen the cause by offering travelers all over the country and the world the opportunity to enjoy our great sites and experiences while at the same time help, directly or indirectly, needy communities, allowing travelers to become more engaged and immersed in the various cultural groups & communities around North Luzon. Through Christmas in July Indigenous Children's Charities program, travelers can interact with the communities as well as other travelers.

Backpacker Planet also encourages youth to take an active part in exploring the cultural riches offered by the Philippines and to share experiences with their communities - encouraging schools to become involved in ecology projects, medical and support missions to indigenous communities and tourism development.

It is our deepest request that we at Isla Pilipinas can count on you to help us continue to spread the goodness the Philippines offers. Experience the best sites, sounds and tastes with us. Join us to explore our own country - the Philippines - we are yet to fully discover.

Only through Jesus Christ do we attain fulfillment.
Michael Bennett

Choco-Late' de Batirol

Baguio has one other unique feature...CHOCO-LATE' DE BATIROL. And the only place you can find it is over at John Hay. And believe me when I tell you, you will come back for just more than a sip of the now world-famous brew.


Take the time to discover this truly unique, Filipino experience...found in Baguio City. Chocolate de Batirol is the brain-child of Jojo Castro, a Kapampangan who uprooted himself from his native Pampanga and made Baguio his home.

Choco-late de Batirol can be found at Camp John Hay in Baguio City. His garden setting is uniquely Pinoy where artifacts of everyday Pinoy life can be found.




 Take a step back in time...Tam-Awan village is a must experience when visiting Baguio. Authentic tribal huts from various towns in the Moutain Province. Huts can be rented out and comes complete with beddings all for a minimal nightly fee. Some huts can accommodate as many as 10 people. For meals, the Gallery/Cafe offers local fare.

Organization News

Let us continue to promote the best of the Philippines in everything we do. Our country has so much to offer...we not only have the best beaches but the best mountains, caves, rapids (two that rival the world's best), historical sites that are more than 400 years old, natural wonders such as volcanoes - Mt Mayon, Taal (lake within a lake), Mt.Pinatubo. Our northern Luzon mountains offers climate and terrain challenges that rival the worlds best most especially from Mt. Pulag in Benguet. Take the time to explore and discover the beauty of the PHILIPPINES. Come on and have fun!
The south of Luzon offers equal opportunity fun and excitement! Come along and explore it with us!
Backpacker Planet...We supply the excitement...You come along for the ride!

My Baguio, My Mountains

Growing up in Baguio, the Philippine's Summer Capital, made more than an impression on me. When we finally moved away from Baguio in the 70's to go back to the lowlands it was as though a part of me was lost.

Now, I am back in Baguio after more than 30 years of absence and I finally realized why I truly missed and love her so much.

Never again will I leave her. Never again will I turn from her. Baguio is my home. Baguio is my heart and in her arms I shall stay. In her arms I shall rest and be at peace when eternity calls.


We offer NO FRILLS, BUDGET FARE tour packages to the following  sites:


note: Inclusive of 3day, 2night standard accommodations (twin sharing), transfers and tour guide/butler services. No Meals.

The Butler Service

Our butlers or "Lakay's" (friend in Ilocano) will take care of most everything so that you could enjoy your travel and experience more of the sites on offer. Our Lakay's can  and will arrange your accommodations, meal schedules and menu, daily tour itinerary as well as see to your every need. If you need him to run an errand for you our Lakay will do so gladly.

Our Lakay"s are experienced tour guides as well and know the area you are to visit very well in fact we often bring our guests to the heretofore unknown sites (the less touristy areas).

All our tour packages include the service of our now famous Lakay's.